How an IT project to work with the media. Personal experience

Hello Megamind! Today we would like to tell how an IT project to work with the media on a personal example. The other day, the ToWave publication published material about us, which became the 13th edition in a row mentioning Rocket Callback . It will be about how to cover the media for free - we will not consider PR publications.


Why do we need publications at all? To any IT project, as well as to the business as a whole, publications in the media can bring additional traffic, increase product recognition and website citation. There are plenty of publications on the Internet on a wide variety of topics, and today everyone is writing about IT.

Regional editions.If your product is not from Moscow or St. Petersburg, then we recommend that you contact the regional small media. Yes, their audience is not very wide, and maybe not at all targeted, but you should not neglect them - this is a great start on the way to publishing on TechCrunch. Our project comes from Buryatia, so the first mention was made by the Buryat mass media: Infopol , Baikal-Media , State Television and Radio Company of Buryatia . The latter even shot a video about us and we were included in the Vesti program on the Russia. Buryatia ".

To get into the regional media is quite possible - if the city is small, then word of mouth comes to the rescue, common friends. You won’t have to pay for it. It’s difficult to calculate the benefit, but personally it gave us several transitions to the site:


Then we went to the federal publications, where Cossa became the first . Although it is difficult to consider it as the media, since there is a section called “Sandbox”, where everyone can publish without pre-moderation. However, Cossa also brought several visits:


Then there was a bad experience with the portal . With them we almost agreed on the publication, wrote and even sent a guest post, but at the last moment we and the editorial board did not understand each other.

But the experience with Firrmaturned out to be successful. We went there with a newsletter about investments, the editors met us and we appeared on the pages of the industry media with a target audience. C Firrma article reprinted Venture-news . This gave us 112 visits, of which 56 turned into registration:


After that, we lit up in mini-notes of small resources. First was the blog of , and then HRDocs . After that, we contacted a publication about ToWave startups, which first published an interview with our leader Valeria Makarova, and then an overview of our project . ToWave gave us not so many transitions:


Our Apps4all friends postedgreat stuff. The last, so far publication, was again an article on Firrma. Now we are preparing news feeds for publication on Oborot, Roem, CPU, C-news and The Village.


Returning to the title. The media is happy to publish articles. The only requirement is uniqueness. So, for example, we were going to publish material about car services to the Automarketolog portal , but it already managed to be indexed on our blog . For each media, it is necessary to come up with a separate information guide, and, accordingly, write a separate article. It will be more effective if you first contact the editorial office and ask what they are interested in, suggest your own topics.

Almost all media outlets immediately offer paid publication (that’s how we didn’t get on, but you still try to write a guest post first - a publication marked “Advertising” will not be as effective as an expert article on a relevant topic. In addition, you always have time to buy a publication in the media.

Another tip is a media kit. It is very useful when the edition is very far from your product. We have a press release, 3 logos, 2 publications and 1 interview in our media kit. We collected all this, beautifully packed it and uploaded it to Google Drive. Now we have translated all this into English, as we are really going to go to the USA and plan to publish in American editions.

gave us more transitions, which is not the media at all, but still gives the opportunity to publish. 766 visits brought us about 300 registrations:


That's all, perhaps. Advice to IT projects, which are also planning to be published on various platforms, and in particular in the media: media kit, personal contact, suggestions for topics, unique articles, various information issues. There will be many failures, and it will be necessary to “write to the basket”, but without this, probably, nowhere. Finding the right media, contacting it and writing a guest post for them will not take a lot of time, but there will definitely be advantages.

Timurmalik Elmuradov,
Rocket Callback.

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