Methods of viralization and socialization of mobile games and applications

    Everyone knows how user acquisition works; it is also User Acquisition, UA. The effect of virality / virality is more “elusive” at first glance. Basically, due to the lack of a universal formula, combining the components of which you will get a 100% viral effect. Some tactics are suitable for some applications, but not at all for others. But still there is a must-have action that will bring you closer to the effect of virality.

    A common mistake is to assume that the release itself will give your application the necessary visibility for installations and virality. In the app store, you can really do a lot with the help of ASO, choosing the perfect keywords, the most eloquent screenshots and purchasing users for the first time. But in order for users not to have to buy constantly and in equal quantities, something more is needed. Viralization

    First stepon the way to viralization is embedding its mechanisms in the design and functionality of the application. In other words, you have to make sharing processes through social networks, instant messengers, mail, etc. easy, fun and profitable for the user. In mobile games, these opportunities are realized thanks to the username. networks, with the subsequent invitation of friends, awards with soft or hard currency for social activity, the ability to boast of gaming achievements, etc.

    The second step is to cultivate the success of viralizing your application by introducing viral mechanics into the promotion strategy, in other words, developing the effect of being outside the application store.

    One of the ways to achieve the effect of presence can be a landing page optimized for touch devices.

    Creating an attractive informative landing page will help generate initial interest in the application even before the release in the app store, make itself known on social networks, and tell the opinion leaders, bloggers, journalists and potential users about the application. Ask visitors to the landing page to leave their e-mail for notification of the launch, so you get your first users. After launching, ask them to rate the application first, thereby re-activating them after a long wait.

    In addition to the obvious boost in search engines and the above set of users, use the landing page to talk about your application, post colorful screenshots, videos, reviews, a competent call to action and a link to the application in the stories. And, again, make your landing page so that they would like to share! If you are talking about a game, place a short but high-quality HTML5 version of the game on it.

    Back to our built-in mechanics. In order not to get confused in the whole variety of possibilities for obtaining the effect of virality, we expand the topic of built-in mechanics in the following sections:
    • How?
    • When?

    You can show the offer to share to all users at least every minute of the game, but this will not bring you the desired result. In addition, importunity scares.

    People tend to brag about achievements. Offer to share a message about an incredibly difficult level, a picture of a defeated dragon, a castle built, a folded number (yes, this is a reference to 2048). A relatively new technique is the recording and sharing of passing a level. In the settings, the user allows you to record the passage of levels, after which he can post a record in the social. network and boast of their skill, for example, reprisals against zombies.
    An offer to share a funny file also has a chance of success. For example, I would love to share the failure of Dumb Ways to Die or Crossy Road. My followers would be delighted, sure!

    Also, if you want to ask to rate your application or game - do it at that moment when the user experiences positive emotions. Create a complaint and suggestion form inside the game or application. Thus, you can minimize the negative in the app without harming the user’s communication with the developers and improving the product thanks to the feedback.

    Loginthrough social networks - the easiest and most used login. But it is worth leaving the user the right to choose. Give him the opportunity to log in through the guest login, recalling that the history of his achievements is not saved. And he does not see glory. Logged in through the social. invite the network to invite friends to the game, and for the invitees, reward them with soft or hard currency, achievable, artifact or any other values ​​used.
    Dragging friends into the game can be beneficial not only to you, but also to the user. Offering to invite friends to the application, tell us about the benefits. For example, inside a game, friends can give each other lives or playing time.

    Leaderboardsand sharing them is a great way to turn a user into an ambassador from your application. Remember the enthusiasm of your friends when they managed to oust you from the post of mayor of a spot at FourSquare. A friend of mine was seriously offended and wrote angry posts for his 1000+ friends when someone dared to check in at his favorite store more often than he did.

    Integrate the ability to use promo codes in the game. Allow to share promo codes, give them and forward. Users will be pleased with your generosity.
    Talk about promotional codes to reporters during the pitch. Free application + the opportunity to get for free what is not available to others = more likely to get a sincere positive publication, which they will "share."

    In-Game Tournaments- an occasion for the user to tell others how cool he is.
    Tournaments are necessary for such type of players as achivers. Without a competitive moment, the game for them loses its meaning. About who are the achivers, read below. The reward for the winner can be either an in-game currency or a real prize.

    Achiver or Socializer?

    Users of mobile games and applications can be divided into 4 groups: socializers, achivers, researchers and killers. The latter should not be afraid. In the context of game viralization, we are interested in the first two groups. They support each other in the game. Achievers focus on scoring, completing challenging levels, and boasting. They need tournaments, leaderboards and, in fact, are lively.

    Socialists are interested in social, communication aspects. They need in-game chat and community around their subject of interest. At the same time, the achivers are not interested in the social aspects of the game, but they benefit from the presence of socializers in the game. Socialists do not chase the first places, but support the achivers in this.
    By adding multiplayer to the game, you will keep the gamers and socializers in it.

    Your user, however, has not engaged in viralizing your product. Do not leave him alone with this activity. Keep accounts on social networks, gather a loyal community there and maintain its interest. Post information about events taking place in the application, discounts, giveaways, competitions, give out promotional codes to subscribers. Competitions can be held both inside the game and right on the page in the social. network. Beware of likegate, invite users to share ideas for improving gameplay, heroes, and comment on screenshots in an original way.

    Do not forget that you are also a living person. And don't let the fans forget about it. Even the most callous hardcore player is touched by a cute photo of the developers of his favorite game with kittens and Labrador puppies under the Christmas tree.

    Start basedmessenger . This advice is worth paying special attention to those who plan to conquer Asian markets. Line, Kakao, WeChat, Weibo - these platforms will allow you to immediately reach a large number of new users. For greater virality, take the time to localize the application, taking into account local trends and mentality. Make free branded stickers for the messenger as a bonus for players.
    Viber messenger went from the opposite, launching games with already beloved heroes, a girl with purple hair Violet and a cat Legcat.
    Viber also releases localized stickers, which gives it a boost in socialization. The desktop application offers a huge number of the most diverse stickers for free, unlike the mobile application. Thus, from a mobile messenger, he was able to become a full-fledged cross-device application, which will give him the opportunity to earn considerable money on in-app advertising.

    Use push notifications . Return users, reminding them of the upcoming in-game event, sale in the application, uncollected harvest, a new player from their circle of friends. Dead Trigger 2 uses not just a push notification, but a voice notification. A hoarse male voice recalls the game with the phrase “What do we have here?”. Unforgettably.
    Applications for tourism, shopping, etc. notify about discounts, games to arrange events for passive users. Periodically, they are invited to return to the game, to get an unprecedented bonus, putting meager efforts. The following quote the formula of global and local K-factor. Use this formula to measure virality, and may the force come with you!

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