Founder Tips. Alexey Vinogradov, founder of CallsFreeCalls and creator of IXC

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    Alexey Vinogradov, today's hero of the column, hails from Odessa. His entire experience, starting from Odessa Polytechnic University, is in telecommunications: from working as the head of the Vega technical department to starting his own billing business for voice platforms and IP-telephony.

    This activity resulted in the creation of the IXC group of companies , which has become one of the market leaders in billing, softswitch systems and the collection of statistics in VoIP.

    Alexey's current project - CFC free VoIP messenger, which has existed since 2012. He says that he specifically mastered Objective-C and C ++ for 6 months especially for this project, as he sought to write the first application code on his own. The test version was made in the form of a simple mobile client server, which eventually became CallsFreeCalls.

    Alexey and the team implemented a new monetization model in the application, introducing virtual currency into the application in the form of bonuses and removing all advertising in a separate block (offer wall). Users decide for themselves when and how many bonuses they want to receive for watching a video or downloading an application.

    As a result, today CFC has 300,000 active monthly users with a total registration level of 3 million. On average, iOS users talk about 8400 minutes a day, on Android - 1400 minutes. Through the application, more than 4000 SMS are sent daily.

    CFC Investors -

    When the fanfare and copper pipes of films and news about billionaire startups die in your head, you will be left alone with your decision to create your own company. If you are going to realize or are already realizing this decision, I want to share some conclusions that I had to make.

    Today I work as a programmer, tomorrow as a marketer, the day after tomorrow as a tester and as the director at the end of the week

    Forget about the specialization that was at your work yesterday. Where the marketer did the marketing and the programmer did the programmer. Martin Scorsese talked about the secret of a successful film like this: I have to be a little make-up artist, a little screenwriter, a little actor and so on. Of course, the idea of ​​finding a programmer's partner is impressive, as is the number of deceased startups due to the fact that the partner went on a permanent job. So with a high degree of probability it is necessary to be ready to learn new professions.

    To hell with investors and incubators - my main time should be to make money, but not to rush about the people who might be giving them

    Leave alone accelerators and investors (very sorry for these people, well, honestly), until there is a stable income and stable growth. And most importantly - understanding that for a certain amount of investment, you can so-and-so make much greater growth. Believe me, the time taken to get into the accelerator is much more than just going and making this money and making a company for them. And the noble don’t beggar to face.

    I develop in various fields. And periodically switch between tasks so as not to get stuck

    I do not know about you, but my brain requires constant switching. He cannot work effectively on the same task. These switches are very important when you can spend an hour a day, for example, playing music. Or sports. Or something else where you will develop, but not in the industry where you work. Those who exercise know that one undeveloped muscle inhibits the development of others. I made a curious conclusion - in the brain exactly the same. If you do not develop different abilities in yourself, your ability to work well also has a ceiling.

    I’m unlikely to be engaged in a business that just calmly flows on the thumb

    "Leave the hope of peace entering here." A successful company is continuous innovation. Every day, every hour, inventing something new is a rule, but not an exception. Then, at some point, customers flood you with money because the critical point has been crossed and you are above the market.

    I believe in what I'm doing and get high from the result

    It seems that taking over your company is not a very fun event? Yes, there will be many problems in your life. But it pays off with one undeniable advantage, and this is not only money. This is an indescribable feeling of a completed project. Made against all odds and thanks to you. Perhaps this is how the filibusters felt when they saw America. Good luck along the way!

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