Wikileaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Norwegian MP Snorre Valen has put forward the Wikileaks project for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    “It is always easier to maintain freedom of speech when you have the same political views with the speaker. This is one of the “tests” of liberal and democratic values ​​that Western governments usually fail. For example, they support tyrannical but “friendly” regimes. Internet companies are helping China censor search engines. And the reaction of many countries to the obvious right of Wikileaks to publish materials of public interest is similar to a desire to find a “switchman,” writes Snorre Valen on his blog.

    “A ban on publishing such information would be a crime. Information should instead be protected, regardless of what we think about the content of the published material. I am proud that I was able to nominate Wikileaks for the Nobel Peace Prize, ”said Snorre Valen.

    He also recalled that last year, the Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo received the Nobel Peace Prize for a long non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China, including for democracy and freedom of speech. Wikileaks is fighting for the same values, but not in a separate country, but globally, identifying cases of corruption, war crimes and other violations in various countries, including friendly ones. By the way, by publishing documents on the economic crimes of the Tunisian president’s family, the Wikileaks project made a small contribution to the overthrow of the 24-year-old dictatorship, which is also an argument for awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Acceptance of nominations for the award ends on Thursday, February 3. Last year, 237 candidates, including 38 organizations, were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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