Groupon erred in recounting commissions

    Despite the concerns of many experts, Groupon is still afloat. True, there are still problems, and serious ones. The other day it became known that the company was mistaken in calculating the commission to its partners. The error turned out rather big, so the losses calculated earlier increased. As it turned out, commissions were not calculated correctly for the entire first quarter after the company entered the IPO.

    Immediately after it became known about the error, the value of the company's shares fell significantly. Previously, they traded at about $ 20, after reporting an error, the price dropped to $ 17.2 apiece. Nevertheless, some analysts evaluate the incident on the positive side. The fact is that the company still did not conceal the mistake, but reported it itself, knowing that the consequences would not be most pleasant. On the other hand, if all this had been concealed, the problem would have become obvious anyway, and then the consequences would have become even worse.

    On the other hand, a problem in the calculations may indicate that companies cannot properly control the direction of financial flows. This is already serious, and some investors are unhappy with what happened. Groupon’s position is also exacerbated by the fact that after recalculations, the company's loss amounted not to US $ 37 million, but 59.6 million. Of course, the company's revenue was $ 14.3 million lower than previously thought. Analysts say the company's current capitalization ($ 11 billion) is clearly overpriced. In general, many understand this, but so far the company is holding on to its potential, imaginary or explicit.

    Of course, Groupon has already announced that, despite an error in the calculations, the general direction of the company’s development will not change. Third-party analysts believe that in order to reach at least zero, not to mention profit, Groupon needs to work hard on its own mistakes, as well as slightly change the current style of company management.

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