How to submit all posts to social bookmarks?

    I’ve put on a beautiful spring day, I thought ... since search engines love links from social bookmarks, why not put links to all my posts there? Posts at the moment, I have about 200. To fill everything with pens - too long. So what to do? The solution to this problem came quickly.
    If you used social bookmarks, you should know that almost everyone has the opportunity to import bookmarks. The first thing I did was create a sitemap using the Dagon Design Sitemap Generator plugin . Here's what happened - a sitemap .

    After that, I manually transferred all the links to posts to the bookmarks bar of my browser. With 200 posts, it took me about 5-7 minutes.

    After that, I exported the necessary bookmarks, and logically finished it all - registering on and importing the bookmarks. Done! In total, no more than 15 minutes were spent in total. It would seem that one could relax, but “the frayer's greed destroyed”.
    It is worth saying that, in my naivety, I imported links only to my blog, which perhaps was my main mistake. It was necessary to at least slightly dilute them with links to other sites.

    After 1 day on, the links in my profile took the following form:
    social bookmarking

    Apparently, the admins noticed “something was wrong” :) It’s worth saying that if you go to my profile on, the links will have a direct URL, but if you go under my user , then the links are redirected.

    After 2 days, messages came from the administration of the memorial:
    A significant percentage of your open bookmarks can be qualified as link spam. This violates one of the clauses of the rules of our “conditions of use of the system” - .

    For this reason, all your bookmarks are set to “hidden” status. For you, as a user, nothing has changed. Just your bookmarks are no longer visible to other users.

    In addition to, as I understand it, also takes care of the purity of its service:
    social bookmarking
    No matter how much I click on “make bookmarks open”, this does not give the desired result.

    No other notifications came from other social bookmarks, so we can conclude: only and monitor the cleanliness of their service.

    If you are interested in traffic, I’ll say that most of all came from for a total of about 50 people ( Davydov , most likely your assumption turned out to be true).

    Here is such an experiment :)

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