Blog Metrics: What and How to Count?

    Do you rate the success of your blog? I am sure that from time to time every blogger thinks about it. I will try to evaluate most of the possible blog metrics.

    1. Blog Attendance

    Standard metric that is used for any sites. You can use external counters (for example, ), or log analyzers (I personally like awstats ), if this allows you to do your hosting.

    2. The number of subscribers

    can be measured using counters (for example, feedburner , rss2mail), and you can also use log analyzers. Reading blogs via RSS readers is extremely popular now, so often the number of subscribers is greater than the traffic to the site (for example, I have 2000+ subscribers and only 500 blog visitors). Based on the number of subscribers, ratings are built: for example,

    3. Average number of comments on blog entries

    Of course, this parameter is indicative only for blogs where comments are open (now they are open in almost all blogs), and there is also moderation of comments (without moderation, comments will be 90% spam). I have an average of 12 comments on each blog post.

    4. Technorati rank

    In fact, this is an indicator of how often a blog is mentioned in other blogs, i.e. popularity among bloggers. Technorati not all blogs are indexed, but very many, so the indicators are very true. Based on this, you can also build a rating, for example, like this .

    5. Miscellaneous

    * mentions in blogs according to Yandex version
    * linking pages according to Google version
    * linking pages according to the version of Yandex

    Good luck in evaluating your blogs! If desired, based on these parameters, you can come up with a formula for evaluating any blogs.

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