Marketers Learn to Use Reputable Bloggers

    Journalist, blogger and dot-com entrepreneur Paul Gillin has published the book "New agents of influence» ( "of The the New Influencers: A Marketer's Guide Review to the the New List Social Media"), which has won high marks from several independent experts, including from Robert Scoble.

    The book is another attempt to understand the laws of the functioning of the blogosphere. This is critical for the marketer so that he can feel for points of influence on society from the perspective of his employer. According to the author, such “points of influence” are the most reputable bloggers. If you act directly on them, you can achieve an amazing viral effect, which in strength will correspond to the informal spread of rumors (word of mouth). Paul Gillin gives specific examples. He analyzes specific bloggers and their impact on society, speculating on how large and small businesses can use “new agents of influence”.

    via The Epinymous Pickle

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