In the Kaluga Region, letters are replaced in the description of confiscated property

    The question of replacing letters in lots, which was raised last year at the Habr level , and then at the level of the President (a trend, however), is still relevant in the Kaluga region. True, on a completely different scale.

    Quite by chance, they discovered a similar mechanism on the website of the territorial administration of the Federal Property Management Agency for the Kaluga Region - in the section " Realization of Seized and Confiscated Property ". Theoretically, at this site you can buy a "Fax" Ra n aso n ic KX-F902RU "for 500 rubles - a reasonable price for b / a machine, but a search for" Panasonic "and Kaluga region results does not. A similar situation with different Sa m su pg'ami, BOSH refrigerators and other equipment of foreign brands, which is at least of some interest. In other regions, isolated violations are also found, but it is in the Kaluga region that this is completely normal practice.

    We posted the news on the regional portal (from where it will quickly go to the media), and also wrote an appeal to the Kaluga prosecutor’s office and stocked up with popcorn to monitor the development of events.

    UPD: moved to Dura Lex.

    Another UPD: They called from the prosecutor's office. They said that everything is clear, the violation is obvious, we are starting the verification. Call - did not call.

    For the sake of interest, we call the Rising Star LLC - those who directly sell the confiscated goods. Unfortunately, we did not record the conversation, but:
    - The 1998 VAZ-21093 car was “stolen” for 16,000 :(
    - Generally, the information is irrelevant;
    - More or less liquid goods are immediately bought by “bailiff's friends”;
    - There is no regulation;
    - “The procedure is quite lengthy”;
    - They are afraid ...

    UPD: Employees of the Kaluga Federal Property Management Agency only learned about the feil yesterday, an insider reports. And they have nothing to do with replacing letters - the site is completely filled with Moscow admins, to whom the information is transmitted in electronic (and correct) form. However, just in case, everyone promised again verify.

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