Copy trading on Etoro, TraderGlobal, Myfxbook, Zulu

The last six months I have been fond of mine trading, as there isn’t much time to engage in independent Forex trading, I have to devote many hours a day to this with my trading style.

So, if you consider the main proposals for platforms for copy-trading (social trading), you can stop on several platforms, the difference between them in some aspects is very significant.

If you are a copyist, like me, then platforms like ZuluTrade or Etoro can amaze you with the number of bells and whistles, complex filters, and the number of participants is huge, which cannot but rejoice, there is always someone to attach to.

It’s somewhat confusing for Zulu that traders from different brokers trade there, it introduces some kind of chaos, because if Zulu was previously integrated with MT4, and I knew that this particular trader was sitting behind his MT4, and everything is ok, now when MetaQuotes banned Zulu, they are forced to go directly to the Zulu platform and trade in an unusual platform for themselves. In this regard, platforms like Etoro, TraderGlobal, Myfxbook are much more systematic, everything is simple there, one broker - one platform.

In Etoro, you can get a little lost in the abundance of traders from different countries, TraderGlobal is mainly a Russian-speaking contingent, and in general chat you can immediately talk to a trader. I didn’t find this in Zulu.

In my opinion, an important point is when the general chat forms the social network itself. But in Etoro there is a display of the tape as on Twitter, with hashtags and other things, but this is not for everyone, twitter for teenagers, in my opinion. Mirrortrader has a good filter for traders, but a very annoying design with a claim to an institutional platform, and the “traders” are mostly anonymous, if not robotic signals.

In TraderGlobal, unlike other large networks / platforms, the news feed is a more or less serious set of articles, analytics from the traders themselves, but some elements like Vkontakte or Facebook are not enough to repost, etc.

From the point of view of the profitability of providers, rating, everything changes very dynamically here, it cannot be said that more profitable traders gravitate to certain sites. I copy transactions on several platforms, while I am constantly present in the TraderGlobal chat, and I do technical analysis in the MT4 platform, which serves me just as an analysis tool, because in social trading platforms there are no normal tools yet.

As for the settings for copying deals, then in Zulu and TraderGlobal (not sure about Etoro) there is an interesting opportunity to back up deals, i.e. if you see, as it often happens, negative dynamics, or expect its inevitability, then simply select this option. It may seem strange, but I did, and I do not regret it).

In Zulu and TraderGlobal, you can also select specific pairs for which to copy, while only in Zulu you can also set specific time ranges for copying (a kind of selective distrust of the provider). The design, display of open positions, the history of the platforms is different. For Zulu, etoro is a bit cumbersome, for TraderGlobal and myfxbook it is minimalistic.

In general, there is diversity on the market, as well as a field untoward in terms of a detailed analysis of platforms, including, for example, in terms of copying fees.

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