With a tube in your pocket: Snom DECT equipment for wireless telephone networks

    Today, we will briefly introduce you at once with five M-series devices to create seamless DECT telephony in the office and in production, which will expand communications within the company. Our company's engineers tested the base station Snom M700, the repeater Snom M5 and three cordless phones of different levels of equipment - the Snom M85, M65 and M25.

    The telephone network in the office of the company or in production is not required to consist of fixed telephones connected to a wired network or Wi-Fi. Employees who have to constantly move around the building or the company's territory must also be in touch all the time. For such situations, Snom produces cordless telephone sets and other equipment to create a DECT wireless standard communication network.    

    Multiband Snom M700 Base Station

    To create a convenient wireless connection, first of all, an appropriate infrastructure is needed, which can be built from Snom M700 base stations. One such station is capable of serving up to 30 DECT handsets, and in total, up to 254 base stations can be connected in one network to which up to 1000 wireless devices can be connected. That is, the DECT network is able to cover a large office or manufacturing complex.

    The M700 supports DECT encryption and SIP communication protection using TLS and SRTP protocols. At the same time, expanding the network by adding base stations will not require any royalties. The Snom communication complex is compatible with the voice communication protocol VoIP and PBX manufactured by Broadsoft and Asterisk.

    If the DECT network consists of several M700s, then each station can simultaneously support up to 4 broadband calls or up to 8 standard calls; if there is one station, then up to 5 and 10 conversations, respectively.

    Setup and management is carried out through a web interface. The Snom M700 has a phone book with a capacity of 200 subscribers.

    The base station housing is designed so that it can be positioned standing or lying, or it can be hung on the wall. The station is equipped with an RJ45 connector for a computer network and a hardware reset button. Dimensions 227 x 279 x 39 mm, weight 320 grams.

    Snom M5 Repeater

    If you need to increase the coverage area of ​​the network, but without increasing the number of handsets, you can use M5 repeaters. They provide seamless connectivity when subscribers move between the reception areas of the base stations themselves, and can serve as a wireless bridge between base stations, eliminating the need to pull a twisted pair. Inside the repeater, two omnidirectional antennas are mounted for receiving and transmitting, which ensures a reliable connection of devices in the network. The repeater is a small box measuring 118 x 129 x 33 mm and weighing only 126 grams. On the black case there is a two-color LED indicator and a reset button. Like the M700, the Snom M5 can be placed both on the table and on the wall.

    Cordless Phones

    All wireless devices of a series M have common features of design. External differences from each other, the simplest and most advanced models are minimal. The cases are made of soft-touch durable plastic, with a slightly textured surface, on which traces of long-term operation are almost imperceptible. Phones do not slip in the hand, and the shape of the tubes provides comfortable grip and does not cause discomfort during a long conversation. Small weight and compact size allow you to carry phones in your pocket or bag, the handset will not be lost among other items, but it will not delay the pocket with too much weight.

    Even the grandmother will be able to handle the M-series phones: they are the pre-iphone era mobile phones that are familiar to everyone: a small screen with a high-quality TFT matrix is ​​on top, a block with a joypad, control buttons and classic call / reject buttons is below it, and the standard one is even lower. numeric keypad. The keys have a nice distinct click and are perfectly recognizable tactile.

    The menu structure of the phone resembles that of classic mobile handsets, and is fully translated into Russian. All telephones have a 3.5 mm audio jack, are compatible with hearing aids and support DECT encryption. Firmware is updated “by air”, and the list of subscribers is taken from the base station of the corporate PBX. All telephones can be used in high-rise multi-story buildings, and network coverage can be easily scaled with additional base stations and repeaters.

    The functions common to all models are standard and customary for similar devices, both stationary and portable, these are: caller identification; call hold; answering machine; lists of callers, missed and dialed subscribers; second line; key lock; setting ringtones and sound response of the keyboard; custom LED event indication and network loss warning. Advanced models have more advanced functionality, up to unique features, for example, alarms when a dead hand sensor is triggered or a person falls.

    M25 Handset

    The M25 is the easiest model in this family. It has all the necessary basic functions, but no frills. The tube size is 134 x 42 x 23 mm, the screen with a diagonal of 1.44 inches. Powered by conventional AAA batteries, they provide up to 75 hours of standby time or up to 7 hours of talk time.

    Caller / missed / dialed lists have memory for 50 numbers. All this is more than enough for occasional use in a normal office environment by an employee who needs to be in touch, but does not have numerous lengthy conversations.

    Handset Snom M65

    A more advanced model for those who not only travel a lot around the office, but also have to communicate a lot with other employees by phone. Speaker and microphone provide high quality audio standard HD Audio, there is a speakerphone function. The radio module has two separate antennas for receiving and transmitting a signal. Powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery at 1100 mAh, from which the phone works up to 200-250 hours in standby mode and up to 17 hours in talk mode. The phone book can contain both a local list of subscribers per one hundred cells, and general corporate. The device supports automatic call forwarding and three-way conference calling.

    The display is bigger, its diagonal is 2 inches, under it there are not two, but three function keys, plus separate hands-free keys and <button for menu or phonebook?>.

    LED display tricolor. On the side of the case there are volume and mute buttons.

    The numeric keypad can be programmed to 8 speed dial numbers. Indoors, the M65 catches the signal at a distance of 50 meters from the nearest base station, on the street - up to 300 meters.

    This small tube of 141 x 48 x 24 mm in size and weighing 123 grams is a little inferior to a full-fledged desk phone. Snom M65 can be recommended to employees who are not sitting in the same place or who do not want to clutter up their desktop with a full-sized phone.

    Handset Snom M85

    This is not just an office “workhorse”, but a highly secure machine designed for use in production, including dangerous for humans. In terms of shock and dust resistance, the phone complies with the IP65 standard, only completely off-road phones capable of operating after drowning are cooler. This tube has proven itself when used in warehouses and construction sites.

    The device has several functions designed to raise anxiety in emergency situations that can happen to a person in a hazardous industry. The simplest is the “panic button”, when clicked, a signal is sent to assist a previously selected subscriber. Also, the Snom M85 is equipped with an accelerometer: if the phone is dropped and it is not lifted for a while, or it is in an unusual position, an emergency call to a predetermined number is also automatically made. The function is useful in situations where a person may fall at a construction site and lose consciousness, or just an elderly person slipped or became ill. The M85 is also equipped with a third safety mechanism: a special strap can be attached to the handset, which is worn on the wrist, and if it is disconnected — for example, the phone will vomit out of hand — the alarm immediately rises.

    So with this phone you feel more confident - he will call for help if something happens to a person.

    For the abundance of functions and robust housing had to pay a small increase in size and weight - 152 x 48 x 28 mm and 175 grams. Lithium-ion battery is the same as in the Snom M65, but in standby mode, the phone will work no more than 200 hours, and in talk mode up to 12 hours.

    Pure phone functions are almost the same as the M65, but apart from this, the phone is equipped with a Bluetooth module, which greatly expands the list of compatible headsets and accessories. And the cherry on the cake is a multi-color LED indicator.

    * * *

    In one of the upcoming articles, we will tell about our experience in creating a seamless DECT network in a high-rise “Stalinist” building, with powerful reinforced concrete floors and a large height of floors.

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