Lost Total.js?

This publication is for informational purposes, as I want to support the framework, which in my opinion is undervalued in the CIS and needs attention. The first thing I tried to find out is how efficient it is compared to the main competitors, koa.js, express.js, etc. After reading some articles and forums, it became clear that the total is faster and it is difficult to deny having done such tests.


Total.js has become a whole platform, moreover, free, and now using these tools it will be even easier and faster to launch your application.

I'll tell you about the main stack, which I myself use.

SuperAdmin is a system for managing node.js applications (not just total).

  • Creating SSL Certificates with Upgrade
  • SMS and email
  • API personal access identifiers
  • Easy integration with GIT
  • Automatic backup via FTP
  • File browser
  • Statistics
  • Uses NGINX as a reverse proxy
  • Application Templates

This tool was a find for me, it is convenient and functional. If there are a lot of applications on the server and there is no desire to mess with the docker to create a pipeline for rolling out updates, this is a great choice.

Eshop is a full-fledged store built on the platform of another tool from Total- CMS .
From the cms here there are also sets of widgets, editors of posts and all such goodies that are typical of cms. As in any full-fledged store, here is implemented the functionality for searching and editing products and orders, plus paypal for payment. At the moment, the author only supports his own nosql database, it’s quite a decent level, but others would also like to against doing this with the right demand and support (possibly a penny) from the community. So put the stars, ask questions, create a stir (at least on the same github ), or connect to the development.

Flow This is a convenient editor of visual code, which in turn can be connected as a module to other total applications.There is a desire to use for the Internet of things, but please, bundle another Dashboard tool for displaying indicators and not only.

OpenPlatform is a simple application that can manage third-party applications and provide them with basic services, such as user and role management.Each application runs in the context of the OpenPlatform HTML-iframe. Depending on the access rights, running applications can read the list of users and applications of the platform, create notifications and communicate with other applications through a service employee. The administrator has full control over user and application access rights. It is still in beta version, but is actively developing. This is very useful if you build the infrastructure, for example, in conjunction with the above applications.

This is only half of all total tools that you can find here . If you are interested in the total platform, then you can start exploring by reading the documentation or wiki.and, if possible, support development. It is possible to sell your own applications on the basis of the total in the local Marketplace, although you need to become a premium, here are the details. As for me, this is the most worthy open souce stack on the node, which for some reason is not deservedly in the shadows.

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Your opinion on the Total platform as a whole:

Which Total applications do you use or use in your projects?

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