Full stack vs micro framework, Docker ecosystem and other things that pythonists were lucky with (UPD: video)

    Our CTO, Misha Voldar Korneev, met python at 34. I mean, with the living: The


    became acquainted with the Python pythonist digital six years ago, and since then everything that he touches has become a little higher level.

    Nevertheless, Misha still continues to discover a lot of new things, because he goes to parties at the Moscow Django Meetup. And he walks because he will organize them.

    But on February 10 he will not be with us, because his son - my nephew - is three years old.

    So #tceh decided to tell Misha in advance what would happen at the 25th Moscow Django Meetup, which will be held with us.

    Project Atomic, Consul and Docker in production

    There has been a lot of talk about these containers lately, but not everyone has experience using it in production.

    Alexander Chistyakov (Git in Sky) will talk about the practical tasks that Docker solves, how to use it in his infrastructure, about the ecosystem - and especially - about its individual parts.

    In detail we will dwell on Project Atomic from Red Hat and Consul from Mitchell Hashimoto.

    UPD: video

    Why can you talk about Django and Tornado in one sentence?

    “Ok, where is my manage.py? What about the settings? There seems to be no ORM here. And weird patterns ... And there’s no admin panel! ”

    If you are comfortable with Django and want to try something else, the Tornado framework can be “that way”.

    But if Django, in short, has everything, then there is nothing in Tornado. Therefore, Alexey Kinev (05Bit) will tell you how to go further hello world and which libraries will help in this.

    Yes, this is full stack vs micro framework - but no “who's cooler” showdowns . Only experience - and this is the magic word "asynchrony" that you can talk about forever ...

    UPD: video


    Tuesday. 7 p.m. The center of Moscow is five minutes from Kursk, our IIDF City Hall. Is free. Signs on the spot will indicate the way.

    A selection of useful habramaterialov on topics over the past month

    A quick introduction to Docker containers for a Django developer (translation)

    Docker in production - what we learned by launching more than 300 million containers (translation)

    PID 1 zombie reaping problem in Docker (translation)

    Docker: interesting basic images (tutorial)

    Creating an environment for web development based on Docker (material from our Ukrainian colleague)

    And for those who know all this, but honestly read to the end

    At the end of the meeting, we will repeat the format of Django Drinkup.

    There is always a reason to raise glasses for Python. We can start right in the comments;)

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