Yesterday's powerful flash on the Sun can trigger the appearance of the northern lights in the middle latitudes

    Yesterday there was a fairly powerful flash in the sun. Flash power, according to the official classification - X1.6. According to experts, such outbreaks occur very rarely, and when you consider that the plasma ejection was directed toward the Earth, the event becomes a piece, if I may say so.

    According to official data, the plasma ejection velocity is 3750 km / s, and if it were not for the plasma deceleration due to interaction with the magnetic and gravitational fields of the Sun, then the “shock” wave would have reached the Earth today. However, the real period is 2 days, the plasma should reach our planet on September 12th. More precisely, on September 12, at 17-22 hours Moscow time.

    On this page you can see the model of the arrival of the shock wave.from yesterday's flash. Apparently, the Earth is just in the center of the impact, although, of course, there is a possibility that there are inaccuracies in the model and the plasma will pass by.

    If the index of geomagnetic disturbance exceeds 7, then the northern lights can be observed up to 50 sowing. latitude. You can follow the index here .

    Dependence of the possibility of the appearance of the northern lights in various regions on the index of geomagnetic disturbance

    And here is the video of the outbreak itself:

    And some more videos:

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