To share the experience through a blog on Habré is great. But posts cover too general topics. We thought that those who are faced with the creation of mobile applications have many specific questions that we could answer. Therefore, we are launching iTips .

    Our CEO Andrei Baskov answers questions about project and mobile studio management, a salesperson Dima Kostin about customer relations, test leader Polina Trevogina about testing, I about promotion and strategy, art director Alexander Yudin about design and engineering.

    We understand business applications. Don’t ask about games, we also decided to exclude technical issues (how to make Xamarin friends with Unity).

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    Under the cut, for example, the answer to the question "How to develop a mobile application cheaply."

    To begin with, think about whether you need an application? A mobile site will be cheaper and often more useful than an application.

    If you need it for sure, try ready-made solutions: Mobiumapps and Notissiums for online stores, My Apps for beauty salons, food delivery, a bank or a conference.

    If ready-made solutions do not fit, you will have to develop from scratch.

    When developing the application, there is a simple formula:
    cost = experience × time

    Mobile studios are paid money for their experience and time spent on coordinating a project, managing designers and developers. If you want to make the application cheap, you will have to thoroughly study how good applications are made and spend a lot of time and effort.

    1) Design the application, come up with what problem it solves, list all the screens. It would be ideal to draw a navigation chart .

    2) Find a freelance designer . Choose by portfolio what you like. Remember, freelancers are often irresponsible guys. Make a work plan and ask the designer every day how the project is moving.

    3) Write an extremely clear and detailed terms of reference, attach the results of the design and construction.

    4) Hold a tender. TK send for evaluation in 20 mobile studios, choose small, unknown from the regions. It is advisable that the portfolio has at least one project. After receiving the cost, write to all the studios that you were offered half the price, but you want to work with them. Promise projects in the future, focus on "work on the portfolio." There are studios ready for 100 thousand rubles to develop an application for two platforms.

    5) After signing the contract with the studio you need to be tough. They received little money, a lot of work, no motivation. Request a detailed development plan from the studio and call up their manager every week, ask how are you doing on the project, ask and test the latest build. Immediately pay attention to the mismatch of the layouts or TK and insist on a correction.

    6) After completing the project, meticulously test the application yourself, give the list of bugs a fix, ask every day how progress is. Send the application for testing in Fixber , ask your friends to test , and give the new list of bugs for revision.

    We will answer your questions with joy. Ask .

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