12-year-old student hacked into government sites for Anonymous

    A schoolboy from Montreal admitted to participating in hacking government sites on the instructions of Anonymous activists, The Toronto Sun newspaper writes. The damage from the actions of a 12-year-old teenager amounted to about 60 thousand Canadian dollars (57.3 thousand US dollars).

    The teenager pleaded guilty to three episodes of his case, which included hacking the websites of the Chilean government, the Montreal police and the Quebec Health Institute. According to the juvenile delinquent, from an early age he was interested in computers, and Anonymous performed tasks not for political reasons, but in exchange for video games.

    The court materials say that the boy used DDoS attacks on websites, exploited vulnerabilities in databases, and also replaced information posted on websites. All crimes were committed in the spring of 2012. How the teenager contacted Anonymous is not reported.

    The Anonymous movement has repeatedly claimed responsibility for hacking sites for political reasons. Anonymous has no leader and no structure; among other things, the movement opposes the surveillance of authorities by citizens and defends the right of people to freely disseminate information.

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