Swedish school introduces compulsory Minecraft lessons

    A small Swedish school fell into the news feeds of many news resources, only making the super-popular Minecraft sandbox game a must for its students.

    The logic of these actions is simple: training video games should not be taught reading, writing skills, arithmetic, their teaching ability is provided by completely different principles. Allowing its players to build various structures from the cubes of the substance and show the results of their construction, the Minecraft game encourages an accurate and diligent process of creativity. The game can develop the creativity of adolescents without rejecting the process of memorization, a tough curriculum and an unpleasant atmosphere in the school class.

    First of all, this decision was influenced by the universally recognized value of the game, as well as the studio’s love for its brainchild: not so long ago , a free Minecraft port for the Raspberry Pi platform was created .

    According to Swedish sources, Victor Rydberg’s Stockholm school approved Minecraft in a curriculum for students aged 13. School teacher Monica Ekman believes that the game develops urban planning skills, and the essence of the game does not differ from the lessons of fine art or working with wood.

    Minecraft does not replace the main disciplines, but is only one of the subjects for thirteen-year-old students. Perhaps lessons involving the game will be used in the future. Ekman says they are happy with the result and will introduce more Minecraft classes.

    Of course, this is just a separate example, but such events demonstrate a new stage in the already non-profit recognition of this extremely popular indie game. At the moment, 17.5 million copies have already been sold.
    Based on materials from the Swedish newspaper The Local

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