Launch Adobe Creative Cloud

    On May 10, Adobe launched the Adobe Creative Cloud . The subscription includes the Adobe Creative Suite 6, Adobe Edge, Muse, the Business Catalyst and Typekit cloud services, as well as web hosting and 20 gigabytes of storage for synchronization. Subscription

    price - from $ 30 for educational institutions and holders of licenses for Creative Suite versions 3 and above, up to 75 for monthly payments. When buying immediately for a year, the price is $ 50 per month. The cost of the similar composition of Creative Suite 6 applications is $ 2600, and this is without cloud applications and synchronization.

    All applications are installed on the user's computer and are no different from “cloudless” ones. The only difference is that the license is valid for a subscription period and serial numbers are not required for installation, but only an Adobe ID. The applications do not require constant access to the Internet, you only need to connect to Adobe servers every 30 days to confirm the validity of the subscription.

    Creative Cloud presentation and training videos can be viewed here .

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