Introduced by The Daily - Media Created for iPad

    The Daily is a new periodical created by News Corporation specifically for the iPad. The new edition will contain daily news in digital format and include photographs and high-resolution videos, panoramas.

    The first issue is dedicated to Egypt in connection with the well-known situation in this country.

    In addition to multimedia content, the publication is integrated with social networks. In addition to the already familiar share buttons from facebook and twitter, the connection with Twitter has been made a little deeper. Some articles that talk about a person may have their Twitter posts streamed. The material itself is an html5-page that can be shared via the Internet in social. networks - by clicking on the link you can read the information through the Daily website, but not all pages.

    For sports enthusiasts, you can see not only the results of the latest team games, but also photos from them.

    Judging by the broadcast on The Daily , the presentation itself was rather short. The part where they showed exactly how it looks on the iPad. Then there were questions, during the answers to which it turned out that the creators are counting on the popularity of the publication. The cost of creating the publication was quite low due to the lack of printing and distribution of the publication.

    So far, this is exclusive to Apple. As soon as other tablets and their manufacturers stand on their feet as firmly as Apple with its iPad stands on its own, publishers plan to distribute the publication to them.

    As the name implies, the publication will be daily. 1 issue will cost 14 cents, a weekly subscription - 99 cents. Today, February 2, at 20:00 Moscow time, the publication should appear in the App Store

    UPD: a link to the application in the App Store.

    PS maybe someone will tell you a more suitable blog

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