How secret prototypes are camouflaged (camouflage and contour hiding)

    When the automaker is preparing to release a new car brand, they first make a prototype. Before the official presentation to the public, the prototype is carefully tested in real conditions, at this stage the latest design changes are made.

    There is a real hunt for the secret car: hundreds of bloggers, journalists and fans are trying to find this car and take a picture of it to be the first to post photos of the secret news on the Internet. Competitors are also on the alert and carefully follow new design elements until their official announcement (this is part of standard industrial espionage).

    The company can not allow information to leak before the official announcement. Therefore, they use cunning techniques. The prototype is always covered with a protective cover, while it is specially processed so that the shape under the cover cannot be determined. This is a very difficult and painstaking job , writes Wired. The process involved a computer graphics department and full-time camouflage specialists.

    The photos show how the 2010 Mercedes SLS disguised itself before the official announcement. Above is a prototype under a cover, below is a real car. You can notice parts of the cover that distort the shape of individual elements of the car (1, 2), completely hide other elements (3, 4), as well as specially added distortions (except for point 5, you can find a few more). Convex surfaces are smoothed, often used protective coating of the cover from the military arsenal.

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