Habra invites have become a good income for many non-pious people, as evidenced by services that provide services for wrapping up karma and buying / selling elite / budget accounts (in turn, I can’t imagine what an elite means in the context of a habr). The reason for this was the increased demand for invites and the desire of people to pay for them. Which in turn was a response to the most popular question last time - ' how many spam Habré? ".

    Post advertising offers have become much more profitable and cheaper than official advertising. After all, a post will cost only from 15 to 25 dollars (15 per account and 25 per invite). And by the time the ad post is deleted or the account is blocked by links from / new / several tens of thousands of people can leave, which is pretty good for medium / small businesses.
    Many may not care, and someone may say "do not like it - do not read." But do not you think that all this slowly and methodically leads to a state of garbage and depreciation of the resource? Really nobody watches those to whom invites are given? or are they mostly sold knowingly? Maybe the management should review the policies and rules for issuing these same invites.

    PS: Or maybe all of this is the reason for the second popular phrase - "Habr is not the same"

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