Good site about SVN

    I continue the series of degrading companies that violate the human dignity and reviews of sites with the Visual SVN website at . This is a good site. The business where programmers write for programmers seems to me such a lite version of the IT Crowd series, where all the drama is cut out and people work for normal customers. Perhaps this is so. The site is neat, polished and licked to a shine. Nothing more, just useful information on each product, help, links to small recommendations in third-party blogs and a list of clients. Twitter to match time. Normal western site for the sale of programs. What more can be done. inside


    The customer list is good, frankly, the impressive customer list. I would also add commercial products that were made using your tool. Maybe one of the possible clients is working with them right now.

    A screencast showing real-time product usage will be helpful. It is clear that mainly experts buy, but there will be even less questions.


    Everything is fine with the buttons about “download” and “purchase”, I would have hung them down on each page, it’s possible in a lightweight form. In order not to interrupt the logic, “I went in, read, and took action.” See then what’s statistics.


    I would sit on msdn more tightly and write about my nesting site.

    It would be nice to go beyond the scope of the product and make a couple of review articles, or links to other people's articles, regarding the general work with SVN and the integration of the product into this work. It is possible with the wrong hands.

    Human factor

    Despite the fact that the natural communication environment of programmers is a bug tracker, it would be nice to add a personal component to the site, adding a brand of volume. Show a team face, keep news and twitter not only about product releases. It is not necessary to rest and take special obligations to issue "jokes of the software world", it is enough to show your position regarding the main events in the programming world, and periodically review your specialization.

    Still, while people prefer to buy more from people than from cars.

    That's all.

    What is SVN.

    People send links to review sites voluntarily , all reviews are located under the tag " site reviews ".

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