toodoo supported OpenID

    Moscow, June 10, 2008. Social network announced support for OpenID.

    OpenID is an open decentralized single sign-on system that allows you to use one login and password on a large number of sites.

    Large websites themselves act as OpenID providers. Members of the blog services and LiveInternet.Ru can link to their accounts when working with sites that support OpenID.

    In June 2008, the list of Russian OpenID providers was replenished with the social network of toodoo website fans ( Users while working on external sites got the opportunity to link to their profile in toodoo. In the near future, OpenID authentication will be implemented inside itself.

    “One of our main tasks is to create a comfortable environment for working with the site,” notes Yuri Novikov, technical director of toodoo, “Support for OpenID was a logical step on this path.”

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