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    Many of us have been using Google Mail services for a considerable time , and someone else, in addition to various suggestions and indications of errors, sent letters of thanks to developers. Today, the GMail team has launched a contest for your video stories related to this email service. The best stories will be included in the general video, which will be posted in Google Mail. Go ahead, there is still time until December 31, 2007.


    What's your Gmail story?


    1. Brainstorm.
      Do you use GMail for something unusual, interesting? Sounds good, it can make a good story.
    2. Shooting
      Use all your skills as you like. Feel free to use your knowledge of choreography, special effects and other technical pieces when creating a video. The main thing is to keep within 30 seconds.
      ( More in English ... )
    3. Upload to YouTube
      Upload your video and you're in luck!

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