Vipera - an interactive mobile community

    In search of fresh ideas I came across Vipera
    Service is a mobile community. The user downloads and installs an application on the phone, thanks to which he can send recordings, photos and voice messages to his account.
    All this stuff is displayed both on the web and in the wap. Those. the same mobile blogging, only without expensive MMS. It is because of the link to MMS, it seems to me that all mobile blogging services in the CIS suffer from a lack of popularity. Psychologically, paying for traffic is easier because you don’t know how much is currently being spent.
    Apparently Vipera works if the Internet is configured in the phone not via WAP, but via GPRS. But I checked only on two phones. He’s posting photos perfectly, there were problems with his voice (but this is most likely connected with the phone model).
    In general, an interesting thing.

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