Quality that kills

    The presentation style may seem inconsistent.

    If you start with too high a quality and start from the wrong end, this will kill the project, because we consider the project as the goal for which the resources are allocated. Even if you have a large investor, his resource will be his patience.
    Quality and perfectionism is a parody of fruitful work on oneself. Because a good job starts to bear fruit as soon as it starts.

    An idea that can only work with excellent starting parameters is not an idea, but a shit. If you have a really good idea, it will begin to work as soon as the project framework and its vital organs begin to work. Therefore, to begin to realize your project, practicing the method of "split into segments, finalize each segment to perfect condition, and then combine everything together" - a spherical horse in a vacuum. Because you have to transfer everything so many times that the improvement of individual parts from the very beginning of the project loses its meaning. So, this separation is abstract and exists only in your consciousness. And this is disastrous for development.

    Today, mankind has a modern car that has a modern wheel. They developed in parallel. From the point of view of a person at the beginning of the century, they are ideal. If we decided to create such a wheel and work on it from the beginning of the century as separate projects, we would not have our wheel today.

    Nature would never have thought of working on a birch bud until the appearance of the birch itself. Each good invention is only a virtual point in the general evolution, which has, by the way, a wave nature.

    Every good project must go through an evolutionary process, which is always one and cannot be divided into parts that go through successive stages. If you want to divide everything in this way - think up for your stages docking APIs that will act as artificial fixation points, project "anchors", changing the configuration of which you can organically manage the development. strictly speaking, each API is a description of a certain configuration and will be both a goal for one project and start data for another. In this case, it is possible to conduct development at the same time, having a guarantee of compatibility of results at the junction.

    Why is quality ruining? Thus, we come to the most important thing. A project is a bag of resources on which it is written what result it should turn into. Resources are always finite, and pray that this end be happy. Sooner or later, there will come a point that you indicated on your early charts with the Latin letter G, and in later ones, you may have begun to use its Russian antonym. So, if the riveting department makes the rivet of the new airplane ideal, which even 20% better than planned by spending, for the sake of a good cause (who would argue?) Resources in the form of 20% excess of the allotted time and money, these 20%, for simplicity expressed in pure energy, less charismatic neighbors from the department, which is engaged, for example, in the cooling system, will not get it.

    I’m not saying that planes fall more often from this, I just want to stop struggling with poor quality only by improving quality;)

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