“Off-season” in the life of a freelancer: how to survive and survive?

    It is only from the outside that it seems that the freelancer’s earnings with a skillful approach is quite stable and does not depend on anything. In fact, plunging headlong into free creativity, it turns out that there are periods of downtime that happen every year. As a rule, these are January holidays, and the summer season.

    Of course, like every rule, exceptions also occur here. But most freelancers , if they do not dissemble, will confirm that such a “season” in their practice takes place.

    Another question is how to survive these periods with minimal financial loss. And here there are some small subtleties and life hacks. We will discuss them further.

    And the Swiss, and the reaper, and the dude

    In any incomprehensible situation - turn to folk wisdom. So do on occasion. At least, when summer is at hand, and customers as a friendly team go to resorts. For stability, the freelancer needs to expand the range of his services for a while.

    Definitely you can do something from a related specialty and “off-season” is a great time to take orders from another area. No one talks about the re-qualification of illustrator as a copywriter and vice versa. Look for closer common ground. Fortunately, there are enough sections on the exchange to find something to your liking.

    Take a look at the category "Study and tutoring". There may appear a task according to your profile. The “Sounding” section can please you with an interesting project if you have no problems with diction. In “Texts and Translations” there will be a vacancy in transcribing or translating.

    In the end, there are always naming contests where you can certainly try your hand at no harm to personal time and finances.

    Search and find. As they say, a talented person is talented in everything. In the neighboring specialization for sure.

    Make an offer you cannot refuse

    And in this case - this is a discount on typical services. This is a great offer for both old and new customers. There are sure to be those who want to save money and load you up with work for all three summer months. Still, this state of affairs is much better than the unknown.

    And so that not only old customers, but also new ones learn about your offer, change your resume on the exchange. Tell him about an unprecedented action, and maybe even update the price list.

    This approach always works great. And do not be afraid to temporarily reduce tariffs. Firstly, you will be notified that this is only for the summer period. And secondly, September is always associated with a rise in prices, so there will definitely not be any complaints against you.

    Organize your profile and portfolio

    Admit, after all, there is always no time for updating works. And summer is a fertile time for such things. Bring your profile to the ideal so that even rare orders are yours unconditionally!

    Here you can combine business with pleasure. Finally, clean up the desktop, documents, and disks. Next, update the portfolio, decorating it with motley works. Hone your resume, add a motto. Refresh the photo in the end!

    So that a customer who didn’t leave for the Caribbean, but published a serious project, coming to your page, saw a freelancer of his dreams. Here you can also read smart literature, google tips from a recruiting guru, and also be sure to look at the pages of top freelancers.

    Work on your own image, because, as you know, that's all. Many customers continue to meet on clothes (read: profile) and see off the mind.

    Always remember the financial pillow

    Every freelancer should have it. It is best to form it during the period of the greatest climbs. Or make yourself a rule to postpone 10-15% from each transaction. Believe me, this, at first glance, minuscule for 9 months is able to turn into a normal amount, which is great for the summer “off season”.

    By the way, the rounding method also works great in this direction. Such an operation is even available on some payment cards. Very effective thing. Imperceptibly, you can accumulate a good cash insurance. Or just put all the change from the stores in the box.

    And make it a rule to set aside all bonuses, promotions and prize money won in contests. By and large, you didn’t count on them, therefore, hiding them will be easy and not so bad for your wallet.

    Do not waste time and develop

    If nevertheless the moment of downtime has arrived, use it to the maximum benefit. Each freelancer will find gaps to which hands never reach. To clean a computer, create a personal website or start a professional page on social networks, improve a foreign language, learn how to use blind typing, start writing a book, create a personal training course ... Finally, learn another specialty!

    Direct your efforts to personal improvement, which will help you get cool orders faster, thereby increasing your financial earnings in the future. Thus, you will invest in yourself, which means that this time cannot be called downtime. And the summer will not be in vain.

    At worst - go on vacation

    With a high degree of probability, according to Murphy's Law and universal rock, as soon as you cross the threshold of your vacation home, a message about a job offer will come to the post office from the exchange.

    That is why do not forget your laptop at home, pay for the tariff plan on time and enjoy working in an atmosphere of relaxation and fun. Experienced freelancers know from experience how cool they work on vacation. Who has not tried, be sure to try it for yourself.

    And, of course, Weblancer does not leave its users in trouble. We are preparing a series of pleasant and useful surprises relevant on the eve of the summer season. So stay tuned for our posts on social networks.

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