8008 microprocessor emulation on ESP8266

Original author: Steve L
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On the EP8266, you can emulate Radio-86RK , but before the microprocessor 8080 there was 8008, which retrocomputers are less likely to recall today . He, too, was able to emulate on this platform and launch the SCELBAL BASIC interpreter.

In the project, the author combined his two previous ones. The first is the 8008 emulator on the same platform , but without a video output, and the second is an IBM PC XT emulator with video output that has not been brought up to operational status (there was not enough RAM). Taking the video output implementation code from the second project, the author added it to the first, having received the firmware for the proposed device.

Its scheme is shown below:

The same scheme is in PDF - here. The mode of interaction via the serial port inherited from the first project is saved; a switch to two positions and two directions is provided for choosing between the port and the video output. When a video output is selected, data is input from the PS / 2 keyboard. The author’s assembled design looks like this:

The author also connected his own punch reader (the one of the two options, which is smaller), but did not update the circuit. This is what the design looks like with a punch reader:

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