Hackaday Retro Computer Case

Original author: Tim Trzepacz, Voja Antonic, Dusan Petrovic, Roger
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The Hackaday retrocomputer badge, which has worked well at conferences in Belgrade and Pasadena , is designed for independent repetition ( circuit, board , firmware ). Therefore, do not be surprised to see him in the hands of a man who has never visited both cities ( example ). But without a case, it is mechanically unstable. A team of four authors, including the developer of the badge (as well as the real vintage Galaksija computer) Voya Antonich, has proposed a case for this design, somewhat reminiscent of children's gadgets from VTech.


Concave Keys. More convenient for long typing. D-pad and space are missing - they are the same as in the previous archive. Recesses can be filled with contrasting paint.

Convex marked keys . Full set.

The upper half of the body . Print upside down. If the keys are booming, you can stick foam strips from the inside. Perhaps the “tunnels” for the keys should be made a little deeper, from which they can also rattle less.

The lower half of the body . It is also better to print upside down. There will be a lot of support. Fastens with four half-inch long self-tapping screws. If the badge has an acrylic back, it must be removed. There is no separate battery cover - you need to open the entire case.

D-pad separately

A key without marking for fans of a book about a widow selling firewood. Make 50 pieces.

Optical fiber for RGB LED. Print unpainted clear plastic.

Expansion slot cover . The hole for mounting the expansion card is provided only in the second version of the badge. The model needs refinement - adding a latch.

Space bar separately . It should be pressed without any bias, although there is only one corresponding button on the board.

The cover for the expansion board is removed, the board is connected to the comb:

First prototype:

One of the intermediate options, the display does not fit:

Fixed, but not all changes have been made:

And after almost everything has been corrected, the 3D printer fails:

And the consequences thereof:

But then in the end everything turned out and went up to the badge. You can program without fear of breaking it or dusting it:

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