What salaries for IT specialists are offered by My Circle employers, data for May-October 2018

    The year 2018 is coming to an end, which means the time has come for an annual report on what salaries employers offered in their vacancies on My Circle in the past year. Like last year , in this report we compare the salaries offered by the companies with the median of the salary calculator , in which we get data directly from specialists, compare the salaries of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions, and also see how much the salaries for year.

    Salaries of IT-vacancies in Russia, 2018

    Salaries of IT-vacancies in Moscow, 2018

    Salaries of IT vacancies of St. Petersburg, 2018

    Salaries of IT vacancies in Russia without Moscow and St. Petersburg, 2018

    A small methodological explanation

    We use data for all vacancies that show salaries posted on My Circle over the past six months, or more precisely from May to October 2018 inclusive. Usually in vacancies indicate the salary in the form of a range of "from and to". When calculating, we took all the salaries “from”, counted the median value and called it the “lower salary limit”, and all salaries “to”, also counted the median value and called it the “upper salary limit”.

    A median salary means that exactly half the salary is lower, and exactly half is above this mark. This method of calculation gives a more realistic picture, eliminates the influence of too high and too low wages.

    Let's compare the salaries that employers indicate in vacancies with salaries that are indicated by the experts themselves on the salary service

    In the regions in all specialties except mobile, desktop, front-end development, administration and testing, the median salaries of specialists are equal to or slightly above the minimum offered by the companies. This means that in these 5 specialties there is an increased demand for specialists of a higher level than they are now in the regional market.

    In Moscow, this situation is typical only for desktop development and testing. Here there are 2 specialties - design and marketing - for which the median salaries of specialists are higher than the maximum offered by companies. It means that it is more difficult to find a job with a higher qualification in these specialties in the labor market in Moscow.

    In St. Petersburg, the median salaries of specialists are below the minimum offered in vacancies, only in desktop development. But in management, design, marketing and administration - they are higher than the maximum in vacancies.

    Now we will look at the dynamics of salaries in vacancies for the year.

    Compared to last year, in the regions, both the lower and upper boundaries of salaries offered in vacancies increased in mobile development, administration and testing: an increase from 5 to 25%. Only the lower limit of wages grew in the front-end - 14%. Only the upper limit grew in the backend and desktop development - 10% and 20%, respectively.

    In management, design and marketing, on the contrary, there was a general decline in salaries in the regions. In management, the lower limit of salaries offered dropped by 14%, in design, the upper limit fell by 20%, and both borders fell by about 35% in marketing.

    In Moscow, at the same time, the lower and upper boundaries of salaries grew in almost all specializations: in mobile, backend and front-end development - an increase from 6 to 25%; in testing and design - from 16 to 50%; in management - about 70%. Only the lower limit of wages has grown in desktop development - 10%. In marketing, as in the regions, both borders have fallen by about 20%.

    So, which specializations are the highest paid?

    If last year mobile development was the most highly paid specialization, now this situation has remained only in the regions, in Moscow management has become such a specialization - which is directly related to the highest wage growth in this area, compared to others. In St. Petersburg, this specialization was desktop development.

    Both in Moscow and in St. Petersburg and in the regions, then the highest salaries are offered in vacancies for desktop, backend and front-end developers. The situation was similar last year.

    Next comes salaries in vacancies for administrators and testers - it is interesting that this year such specialists began to be valued by employers above designers and marketers, who close the list. The exception is Petersburg, where vacancies for administrators are still ranked by employers below all.

    Moscow salaries are traditionally higher in St. Petersburg by 10-30% and higher regional ones by 20-40%.

    We are preparing a large report on the salaries of IT specialists for the second half of 2018, and we ask you to help us with this - to share information about your current salary in our salary calculator.

    We remind you that after you do this, you will be able to recognize the salary in any field and any technology, setting the required parameters on the salary calculator filter.

    But the most important thing is that you will help the entire IT industry to understand even more how much what is on the current labor market. Salary report for the first half of 2018. Now we are preparing the next one.

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