I propose to discuss one point in the karma algorithm

    I drew attention to the fact that if a person does not write anything, then his karma is gradually decreasing. As I understand it, this was done in order to give additional motivation to constantly create interesting material.

    I visit Habrahabr every day and one of the reasons is that my opinion is taken into account here - I can vote on topics, I can vote on comments. Tomorrow I will lose such an opportunity, because today my karma is exactly 5.0.

    I believe that this is not true for people who filter spam on the site for free!

    - In habravikipedia it is written that karma is a reflection of the human soul. Roughly speaking, if you did something bad, then you will put a minus. In the case that I cited above it turns out that Habr constantly puts me minus. Those. for a habr the person who does not create topics is a bad person. But I do not consider myself bad because of this.

    What is your opinion?

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