Mentor Video Training

    A few words about yourself. For several years I worked on TV in Denmark. Specifically "introduced" into the industry so that you can learn Western technology and adopt best practices.

    Denmark is a very technically strong country. For example, the Danish government is sponsoring the setup of the entire television industry for third world countries (particularly in countries such as Mali).

    On the channel where I worked, there were not only various miracles of video technology, but even a regular helicopter.

    But as it turned out, if the situation requires shooting, but there is no super-high-tech equipment at hand (for example, spontaneous reporting from the conference), then the Danes are able to use improvised tools - say, an iPhone with a special microphone-buttonhole and one LED-lighting lamp, and a picture Already quite suitable for production.

    In general, for me, as a person interested in budget video shooting, this was an uncultivated field for studying both the basic theory of video shooting and various life hacks.

    It turns out that to create a video with a high-quality picture and fascinating stories, you do not need a professional camera for $ 10,000. Another thing is important here - light, sound, stabilization, or vice versa, shooting in dynamics. In general, if you know your business, then you can squeeze a professional-looking picture from a standard smartphone - it's not a matter of megapixels for a long time.

    Therefore, I decided to summarize all my experience and make a video course on budget video shooting.

    What the program consists of:

    • Frame composition - the theory about the golden ratio, perspective, etc.
    • How to write a simple script - in order not to have to improvise in the frame, you will have to come up with a basis for the type of tie, essence and outcome in advance. All sorts of prepared jokes, reprises, and so on come here.
    • The setting of light , for light is one of the most important elements of high-quality video.
    • Work with sound when shooting . Good sound is another of the main components of a catchy video. Consider the looped microphones, as well as how to remove if they are not.
    • Basics of video shooting actually. How to shoot with high quality even on a simple smartphone.
    • Basic video installation . Trimming, transitions, titles, and so on.
    • Work with YouTube . From a database such as permissions to fine-tune meta-data.

    Since students get the best result only when there is a mentor who can point out mistakes and support in creative searches, a certain part of the program will be paid.

    The exact schedule and details will be available from June 1 . While you can pre-register for the course.

    Pre-registration for training on video shooting is available here .

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