Magento released a new major release of the platform - 2.3.0 GA

    Yesterday, Magento an Adobe released a new version of platform 2.3.0 which includes:

    Magento Community directly participated in the release by fixing 538 Github Issues (Fixed Bugs) and delivering 1030 Pull Requests (Improvements & Bugfixes) , which became part of release 2.3.0

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    On the way to GA release 2.3.0 passed through: 79 alpha builds, 34 beta, 3 RC builds.

    In addition to the 2.3.0 release, the following were also released:
    • Magento 2.2.7 patch release
    • Magento 2.1.16 patch release (Magento 2.1.16 adds PHP 7.1 support)
    • Magento Commerce (Magento 1 versions gained PHP 7.2 support)
    • Magento Open Source

    The biggest features of release 2.3 include

    A new mechanism for working with goods (Inventory)

    The project itself has already been described on Habré ( one , two , three ) and is a project written entirely with the participation of the Magento Community in the form of code contribution.

    Multi-Source Inventory, this is exactly the name of the project itself is a complete replacement of the previous mechanism of work with the goods, adding the ability to manage warehouses, as well as external services that can participate in dropshipping.

    Now you can control the amount of goods at each source, where it is located, as well as the configuration of runoff (virtual aggregations - combining sources):

    In order to prevent a slowdown during the checkout process, a reservation mechanism was introduced that allows you to postpone the entire complex calculation at the time of processing the order and sending it.
    Complex costing is primarily understood as the Source Selection Algorithm, which offers the seller to select certain warehouses for delivery:

    PWA Studio

    The PWA Studio Toolkit provides tools to speed up and reduce the cost of building PWA frontends based on Magento.

    Page Builder (Beta)

    Page Builder is a WYSIWYG editor “in the context of” editable content with advanced and intuitive editing options for content pages by sellers and store administrators. Providing wide support for various media types, as well as prepared widgets that can be inserted and configured into dynamic parts of the page, such as media gallery, video and many others, thus ensuring streamline customization of content in the system.

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