File Storage for iPhone

    imageSince the advent of the iPhone, many critics have argued that the iPhone is not a device for business. Since then, a lot of time has passed and much has changed: opening the SDK for developers; the emergence of various "offices", document readers and many other business applications; Microsoft Exchange support; Push Modem tethering and more.

    But this was not enough. Someone lacks the ability to use the device as a USB drive, someone lacks the ability to download a file in a browser.

    The App Store has many programs for viewing and editing documents: Dropbox, ReaddleDocs, GoodReader, and even Apple's MobeliMe iDisk, for working with the MobileMe service. I tried almost all such applications and came to the conclusion that one application works well - one, and the other - the other. Yes, you can leave the necessary applications and use the successful functionality of each of them. BUT the file storage each of them uses its own, and working with a document loaded into the storage of one program, the other program will not work.

    And you need so little - a common file storage. So that each application can access this repository and operate with its objects (files), so that you can easily download the file to this repository in a browser, and so that you can access this repository by connecting the device via USB, well, access via WebDav will not hurt.

    Apple needs to do very little to capture the world of a more stable position in the market for business devices.

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